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Phone and Fax

Your local branch is the best resource to answer your questions. 
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Other helpful phone and fax numbers:

Billing questions:

California, Washington and Idaho 866-260-2230
All other states 800-636-2123

California, Washington and Idaho fax 858-444-2853
All other states fax 480-446-7695

Medical Supplies such as CPAP Supplies, Ostomy, Wound Care, Urological, Diabetic, and Incontinence:

California, Washington and Idaho 866-260-2192
All other states 800-636-2123

California, Washington and Idaho fax 866-260-2239
All other states fax 844-269-0997



Preferred Homecare | LifeCare Solutions
P.O. Box 40700
Mesa, AZ 85274-0700


Preferred Homecare | LifeCare Solutions Headquarters

4601 E. Hilton Ave.
Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85034-6406
Phone: 800-636-2123
Fax: 480-446-7695

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